JAX 2 Amazon Fulfillment Center Grand Opening

JAX 2 4JAX2 Amazon Fulfillment Center its grand opening Friday, April 6th 2018. The Amazon fulfillment center located in Northwest Jacksonville has the capacity to send out one million packages each day. It has yet reach full capacity but has seen steady growth since it began operating in August. The fulfillment center has reached one-day product delivery in the Jacksonville market.

Initial plans for the facility, located at 12900 Pecan Park Road, called for the creation of 1,500 jobs. It now employs more than 2,000 full-time workers. During the past year Amazon has slowly rolled out same-day delivery options for select zip codes in the area.

“Everyone at Amazon is thrilled to open our doors,” said Bernard Schmidt, the facility’s general manager, during a tour of the 855,000-square-foot building on Friday. Schmidt led local officials, business leaders and media past the building’s 12 miles of conveyor lines, 72 dock bay doors and hundreds of robotic units.

The facility specializes in the shipping of small items – anything under 25 pounds – while a second fulfillment center at Cecil Commerce Center handles the larger items.

Amazon, which began integrating robotics into its centers in 2014, currently has ten facilities in Florida. Permits filed with the city indicate Amazon also plans to build two additional facilities in Jacksonville, one on Bulls Bay Highway and another on Cabot Commerce Circle. Company representatives declined to comment on either project.

Also on Friday, Amazon announced it would be donating $25,000 to Renaissance Jax, a nonprofit that promotes science, engineering, technology and math education.

“We look forward to building a great relationship with the community in the years ahead,” Schmidt said.

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