Suddath’s Tracker recognized as an industry-changing innovation

58bef184a2deb_tracker_inventory_2Suddath’s Tracker, a technology that allows the relocation company to track individual items in real-time when moving entire corporate offices, is being recognized as an industry-changing innovation. The company will be presented with a 2018 CIO 100 Award, a prestigious global award, in August.

The patent-pending technology, developed by Suddath in partnership with local software company Feature[23], is already paying dividends, Suddath chief information officer Len O’Neill told the Business Journal. It cuts the amount of time move managers have to spend on each move by about 30 percent, increases movers’ efficiency by about 20 percent and reduces damage claims by about 30 percent, according to O’Neill.

“Those are significant bottom-line savings for Suddath, and that gets passed on to customers,” said O’Neill.

More importantly, Tracker gives Suddath customers transparency and consistency in their move that currently exists nowhere else in the industry, O’Neill said.

“Where customers always struggled was transparency and variability in quality,” he said.

Tracker enables customers to see where their items are in every stage of the process and alerts them when the move is finished. By tracking each item and photographing offices, Suddath can also ensure every item is put back in its exact place on the right desk, even when moving thousands of employees. Furthermore, the technology shortens the time it takes to move an office, getting employees back to work quicker.

The technology was developed over about a year and a half as part of CEO Michael Brannigan‘s digital strategy.

“Disruption is happening, and technology is coming to every industry in some shape or form,” said Brannigan, who pushed Suddath to find ways to “self-disrupt.”

Brannigan describes Tracker as a “market-driven” technology, given that customers increasingly expect real-time data. The technology has already been embraced by some of Suddath’s largest clients, according to Brannigan.

“I’ve personally sat across a table from some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies, and they’ve told me this is game-changing,” said Brannigan.

Suddath has deployed the technology on all its enterprise moves and is beginning to roll it out on spot moves and for smaller clients by request. The company is also working to add to the system’s capabilities.

“You can’t be one and done in technology,” said Brannigan, who hopes to integrate customer surveys and claims into Tracker soon. “This is Tracker 1.0.”



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